Air filtration

Complete solution for optimal work environment

AKNEL Group supplies equipment that cleans contaminated air, in development, production and highly resistant industrial market process. Typical harmful sources include various machining, blasting, welding, cold forging, in which fog and smoke are created. This is where we offer the highest production quality, engineering skill and years of experience in everything we do.

With the participation of renowned foreign companies, we have developed filter cartridges for filtering oil mist and oil smoke. These filter cartridges have a long life, even in comparison with other filters available on the market. Their performance, for filtration up to 0.3 μ particles, is consistently 99.99%. These facts and benefits are supported by more than 2,500 filtration systems installed over all over the world over the last ten years. AKNEL Group accepts full responsibility for cleaning the air, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

We offer much more

Minimal need of maintenance, long life of filters and consistent high filtration efficiency - these are the advantages of AKNEL against the competition. The connection with AKNEL will bring you reliable partner for analyzing your filtration needs, implementing proposed projects and installing filtration systems and other service inspections..

From problematic analysis to realization

Today, most of us realize that industrial air pollution in the atmosphere has a negative impact on people, buildings and even on equipment.

If you contact us, the first step we take will be the thorough and overall analysis of the issues, needs and conditions of use. We will measure air quality, study the machines and analyze your specific requirements.

Based on a careful analysis of the results, we will recommend and propose solutions that are tailored to the needs of each individual process. We will also help with the space plan in the factory, with placing filters and pipes so that they blend in very well with the environment.

The possibilities are almost unlimited

Reputable companies, mainly from the engineering industry, have considered us their partner since the launch of our company. We provide not only standard, but also specially designed systems to meet specific requirements of our customers. All parts are designed in the most modern technology CAD system. Our experienced service technicians ensure delivery, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of our systems.