Technical devices

Our shared road to success

We are able to offer a range of traditional and modern filtration technologies, and chip handling in our three business areas: liquid filtration, chip removal, removal of oil mist, oil and dust contaminants. Whether dealing with standard systems, systems designed in accordance with your individual requirements, central or special systems.

Thanks to our own Know-How you can have the optimal conditions during mechanical production and a clean workplace.

We offer much more

Use our complex knowledge gained through long experience, which results in product development. Because we are familiar with all areas of industrial filtration technology of chip removal, we supply specific filter technology as part of our standard product range. We are able to supply from our extensive inventory, and provide economical solutions based on the requirements that arise during conventional manufacturing operations. Our solutions are characterized by excellent quality, high level of economic feasibility, reliability and durability.

The possibilities are almost unlimited

Reputable companies, mainly from the engineering industry, have considered us their partner since the launch of our company. We provide not only standard, but also specially designed systems to meet specific requirements of our customers. All parts are designed in the most modern technology CAD system. Our experienced service technicians ensure delivery, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of our systems.