Quality / wide spectrum of services / price

    AKNEL Group represents many years and rich experience in lubrication, filtration, ventilation, maintenance and machinery and metal production, gained during its previous activities in the market.
    Currently we have a wide portfolio of customers from automotive and metalworking industries.

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    Analysis / implementation / filtration

    Aknel Group develops, manufactures and supplies equipment that cleaning contaminated air. Typical harmful sources are various machining, blasting, welding, cold forging, in which mist and smoke are created. Aknel Group offers the highest manufacturing quality, engineering skills and experience in everything it has been doing.

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  • Facility management

    Management / consulting / implementation / service

    Aknel Group offers Facility Management, relatively new kind of services provided on the market.

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    In 2010, AKNEL Group became an exclusive partner of several renowned companies on the European market with industrial lubricants. Our products meet the stringent requirements of global standards and priority of AKNEL Group's are products friendly to the environment and human health, where considerable financial resources are invested.

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    Exclusive representation for CZ

    An efficient cooling of the manufacturing process - Made in Germany 
    For more than 30 years on the market and more than in 70 countries around the world. HYFRA Pedia is a renowned manufacturer in the field of industrial cooling processes. Cooling systems widely applied in in industry, science, trade and medicine. Reliable and environmentally friendly. 

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  • AKNEL and H Filtration


    Thirty years of experience in the field of ventilation, dust removal and filtration in many industries, environmental protection and sustainability of use. Quality and environmental certification.

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  • AKNEL and PGP


    The company's roots date back to 1923, when Mr. Peter Greven founded the company in Bad Münstereifel for the production of soap and glycerine. Now Global Peter Greven Group has concentrated activities in the field of business "professional skin care" under the brands Physioderm®, Greven, LINDESA® and Lordin®since 2008 and operates under the brand name „Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH“, based in Euskirchen.


  • AKNEL Steel

    Precision / reliability / responsibility

    Separate division of metalworking and precise machining currently forms a stabilized company in machining. The Company invested in 2007 into their own production area due to future development and stabilization.

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AKNEL Group a.s.

We introduce our brand new catalogue to you. Our company is called AKNEL Group a.s. We are a family-based Czech company. We have gained long considerable experience in a production of lubricants, filtration, air-conditioning systems, maintenance, machinery and metal manufacturing production and activities. We are able to provide you with complex services in all the above-mentioned sectors and domains. Our current clients are active in automobile and machinery industries. Thanks to our know-how, we have been awarded with a lot of patent trademarks.

The main business activities of the AKNEL Group PLC do not focus on Czech clients only. Our current business partners come from Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and many more countries. We managed to persuade machine tool producers to recommend our products – thanks to their good-quality and use. We are negotiating with business partners from the East. We would like to expand to the Eastern markets – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. We have a good base in Chotoviny near Tábor and in Planá nad Lužnicí. There are large warehouses, a laboratory, a machinery production line and assembly plants.

AKNEL Group PLC is a unique company. We are able to offer good-quality products and provide our customers with a wide range of services for reasonable optimal prices. Our employees attend regular training courses. They can apply their knowledge and skills in practice. They offer qualified and specialised custom-made services to our clients and meet their individual needs and requirements.

AKNEL Group PLC offers the best services in the following domains:

  • Sales and services of industrial lubricants
  • Sales and maintenance of technological machinery
  • Precise machinery production, machine fitting, metalworking
  • Facility management

We launched our own processing oils in 2013. This production is based on brand new technologies that had been purchased on purpose. We completed our new Headquarters in 2014. This is a very old building (built in 1903 and owned by the Count Harrach). There is also a family restaurant called “U Anděla“ (www.restauraceuandela.cz). It is opened all year long and is popular among all our employees and the general public too.

AKNEL Group PLC offers good-quality and specialised services in compliance with the Czech and European legislation. We were awarded with ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

We look forward to successful cooperation in the future!
On behalf of AKNEL Group PLC

Ladislav Jirovský