Facility managment

Facility Management can be applied to two groups of potential users. The first group consists of investors and development organizations. The second group consists of owners of industrial buildings and businesses. The target groups of Facility Management are larger companies with a larger number of employees.

What is Facility Management...

Facility Management is a relatively new field or method, but in principle is as old as humanity itself. The meaning of the individual words mean, facility - ease, skill, advantage, suitable equipment and management - leadership, administration, control. This branch has many definitions around the world. All explanations, however, are modified by the original explanation of Association IFMA: It is a method to balance work environment, workers, and work activities in an organization. It involves the principles of business administration, architecture, humanity and technical sciences. Thanks to its application, organizations achieve cost savings and space saving up to 30%.

The goals of Facility Management...

Every company ensures its own smooth operation. The smaller the company, the easier the management of operation. The problem occurs when the influence of the company and its turnover grows. Then, the proper functioning of the company is a priority. The staff and management of the companies need several services for high quality work, so that they can concentrate on their areas and activities. These services provide bases, which mainly means that they provide an environment in which individual employees and the management work. These include the optimal use of technology in the building or the provision of quality services in the building. All these activities are ensured by the facility management. The main facility manager then mixes the optimal balance of these services at a minimal cost.

Generally known definition: The priority of Facility Management is to strengthen the processes of the organization which help the workplace and workers to perform in the best way possible and ultimately contribute positively to economic growth and overall success of the organization.

Currently, it is no longer enough to supply the required products to the customer. The customer requires not only products, but also services that are closely related to the supplied products. Therefore, we have prepared not only individual services, but also complex files that can be adjusted according to customer needs.