In 2010, AKNEL Group became an exclusive partner of several renowned and respected organisations and companies in a sector of industrial lubricants and base oils. Thanks to this partnership, we have achieved a strong market position in the sector of industrial lubricants. Our products meet strict requirements and norms. AKNEL Group has top priority to produce healthy and environmental-friendly products. We invest a lot of money in it.


This is a motto of our Research and Development Department that created AKNEL Group in 2013. It is a brand new department. We have been investing considerable money in Research and Development. We collaborate with developers from all over the world in the sector of industrial working lubricants and oils. Our products are developed and tested with up-to-date equipment. A long-time operational acceptance testing is necessary. Such tests are done under strict conditions and inspection and we do them with our proper CNC machines. Performance and possibilities of using particular products are also tested in external laboratories.

Nowadays, AKNEL Group produces and offers a stable wide range of products. Its products are used by large automobile and machine (steel, etc.) companies.

In spite of the wide range of our products, we are asked to produce custom-made products as well. We have to apply our wide knowledge and rich experience we have acquired in the past. We have got proper laboratories and we collaborate with a lot of respected and renowned European personalities and companies.

AKNEL Group can expand to the European market and provide its customers with the best-quality optimal solutions, products and services.


We were awarded with the following certificates:
ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / REACh - 2008 (pre-registration)